September 10, 2008

On a Date

Yesterday, this cute boy asked me out. He had short mussie hair and if his ears had been pointed, I would have believed he was an elf. I told him I'd date him only if he promised to make out with me in dark corners and on park benches.

I rode my bike to to where I'd meet him under a willow tree by the creek. We chatted a bit, tossed stones into the water, then rode to a little cafe he knew and had dinner. I got to stare at his cute face the whole time and he stole glances at my boobs when he thought I wasn't watching. When we were leaving I asked him if he wanted to feel them. He said "Sure," and I told him that if he could beat me back to the willow tree, he could have a free trip to second base.

I beat him by half a block, but I let him kiss me anyway. His lips were strong and giving, his tongue shy. I kissed through his propriety and leaned into his hand when he cupped my breast. My nipple was hard against his palm. When I felt his erection against my hip, I pulled away and sat down next to the tree. We cuddled and it felt totally natural, like we'd known each other longer than just a few hours.

When it got dark, I rode home with a promise that he'd pick me up in his car tomorrow so we could stay out later. He was so cute. I think I'll fuck him tomorrow.

August 21, 2008

Venturing Into Another Dimension

No, this isn't a double post. This, my friends, is a stereogram. "What's a stereogram?" you ask? Remember those Magic Eye books where you had to cross your eyes to see the hidden image? Well, this is one of those. Kinda.

What you have to do is cross your eyes until the two images create a third in the center. That third image... well, I won't ruin the surprise.

August 20, 2008

Dita, Creamed

Does it get any sexier than this? Dita Von Teese, splattered with whipped cream.... I know it makes me want some pie....

July 14, 2008

Special Service

She was young, probably working her summer break at the local pizza joint. She had a nice little ass, but no breasts to speak of; at least none that were evidenced by the standard-issue polo shirt with the restaurant's logo on it.

I wasn't concerned with that, however.

She had one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen. She had strong but feminine features; dark, vibrant eyes, a chiseled nose and jaw, perfect olive skin, and the most sensuous full lips.

Her smile was still free of cynicism and bitterness, and her eyes truly shone like a star. Those lips, natural and oh so smooth, looked like they were in a constant state of anticipation of a kiss she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl.

Her lips made me want to lick them, bite them, and kiss them. I wanted to feel them against my own, then slowly trail down my body and along the length of my shaft, finally to where she would cradle the smooth head of my cock against them, kissing it softly, hopefully.

Those sweet, playful eyes would look up at me, asking permission. I'd nod, and those thick lips would part so slowly to let her tongue slip out and apply moisture to them before they'd stretch around my painfully hard erection. Her soul-wrenching eyes would flutter closed as the taste and weight of my member settled on her tongue. She'd ease her head back and forth, gently caressing my shaft with a free hand. She'd open her eyes and meet my gaze, silently asking me if I was enjoying it, if she was doing it right. I'd smile and nod, gently running my fingers through her dark, silky hair.

After hours of long, slow fellatio, I would let myself climax. My seed would spill into her mouth in a rush, belying the easy, casual pace of her oral lovemaking. She would savor every drop, letting the taste of my masculinity fill her. Smiling and giggling, she's lick the last drops of moisture from my dick before straightening her uniform and walking back to work with a roll of her hips that was just for me.

June 20, 2008

Biker Babe

June 17, 2008

Worst Boob Job Ever?

Look! Over There! It's Sugasm 136!

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This Week’s Picks
“Frozen, I wait for your next move.”

Balanced on the tip of my tongue
“Pushing her into the bedroom, I stripped her bare swiftly, laid her out on the bed.”

Impertinent Question: Do You Enjoy Spanking?
“That’s what we call Wednesday night!”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
The Source of All Waters

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June 13, 2008

Pterodactyl Porn

Because it's every girl's fantasy to be gang-banged by a flock(?) of pterodactyls.

The best part is when they flap their wings.

June 10, 2008

Secret Plot (vol 3)

Secret Plot is back to continue the sexy adventures!

In this episode, Masaki begins his "private lessons" at Mayumi's apartment.

I'm sure these two won't do anything they wouldn't do in the first row of church, right?

Click the image to go to the gallery!

7 Places to Spice Things Up

Health24 has an interesting articles about places you can do the naughty outside your home, to add some spice to your love life. It's a pretty length article, so I'm going to try and condense it here. Just hover over each one to see a detailed description in a tooltip.

7. At Your Parents' HousePros:
Having sex in your parent’s house can be one of the most risky things any couple can do, and that’s what makes it so exciting. Whether it be in their bedroom, bathroom, guestroom or even your old or current room, the sense of rebellious achievement will be well worth the consequences of being caught.

The biggest problem with dancing the light fandango at your parents’ pad is getting caught. Depending on how open your parents are, the consequences could range from a perpetual loss of trust, to complete disownment from the family, and more importantly, from any inheritance.

What you wear is essential. Remember that the quicker it’s over, the lesser the chance of getting caught.

Avoid tight clothing – you could both just leave out underwear for the evening. Not only will this keep you both sweating with anticipation all night, but will ensure a quick attack and retreat when the time comes.

It’s all about timing. Use lines like, ‘I’m just going to show her my old room,’ or, ‘come honey, you must see the new renovations!’ This will bring suspicions down to a minimum, and give you the precious five minute time slot needed.

Because you are in close proximity with guests, make sure to wash as well as possible afterwards, so as to eliminate any possibly incriminating odours.

Risk: 10
Difficulty: 8
Pleasure Quotient: 7

6. In Your Car on a Long TripPros
One of the major causes of long distance travel accidents is drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Nothing will keep a driver more awake than a bit of action during regular intervals on a long road trip.

Not only do orgasms get the blood flowing, but also stimulate the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, helping to keep even the most fatigued driver awake the natural way.

Driving long distances requires intense concentration and observation by the driver. Mischievous road trip antics could result in a distracted driver causing an accident, and possibly putting lives at risk.

Because of the limited space in a vehicle, and the high safety risks involved, sex in a car (especially a moving one) should be limited to foreplay or oral sex only. Be sure not to obstruct your or the driver's ability to safely operate the vehicle.

If you plan on engaging in sexual activities on a long distance trip, take the following precautions:

Risk: 10
Difficulty: 9
Pleasure Quotient: 6

5. The LibraryPros
A library is a public place, and so the chances of getting caught are relatively high. This can add to the excitement of the whole affair.

Sex in the corridors between shelves and books might be quite difficult. The tight spaces will give you and your partner the opportunity to explore new sexual positions, mostly standing ones. These positions also allow for easy retreat in the case of possible discovery.

Libraries are notoriously quiet places, and nothing may attract attention more than heavy panting from the Government Gazette section.

Being caught doing the tango by an ancient librarian might have serious consequences, and you could find yourselves facing legal charges of public indecency, or worse, having your library cards confiscated for life.

Having sex in a library is all about planning. Scope the place out first, and find some of the more secluded and quiet sections of the building.

Try working out a routine, changing from one section to another every month until you’ve covered the entire alphabet.

What you wear for the eventual deed is incredibly important. Guys should remember to wear pants with a zipper, and boxer shorts rather than briefs for easier access. Ladies should wear skirts with no underwear rather than pants, so as to get things over with as quickly as possible.

Remember that sound travels in large spaces like a library. You will both need to be as silent as possible in order to avoid possible detection by any snooping library monitors.

Risk: 7
Difficulty: 5
Pleasure Quotient: 9

4. In the Swimming PoolPros
Sex in a pool requires a higher level of fitness to that of duvet wrestling, especially if done in the deep end. It’s also a good clean way to enjoy one another’s bodies.

Being submerged under water also helps to hide your body from your partner, which could be both arousing for couples that have been together for a while, or beneficial for an individual who is not happy with his or her body. Being underwater also opens up a whole new aspect of physical sensation.

Swimming also gives you an immense amount of freedom to move as you please. This new found freedom will give you and your partner room to explore sexual positions that would never be possible in the bedroom.

Mobility can be difficult. Also, don't forget to breathe.

Contrary to popular belief, water is in fact not a very good lubricant. It may be a good idea to apply some lubricant before belly flopping into the pool for some nookie.

When in the deep end, try to achieve ‘free-falling’ penetration. This is penetration while submerged underwater with no parts of your body touching any sides of the pool. This is an incredibly difficult technique, but intensely gratifying, as the sensation of free movement combines with sexual gratification.

Risk: 1
Difficulty: 8
Pleasure Quotient: 8

3. The Mile High ClubPros
There isn’t much to gain from shagging in a tiny room smaller than your grandmother’s jewellery box - however it has been documented that an orgasm at forty thousand feet is incredibly intense.

Aside from being able to claim you shagged in a plane, there isn’t much more to gain from this endeavour.

There is always the chance of being caught, and airlines are usually not that lenient with people ‘abusing their services’.

Because of the small space of the cubicle, sex on a plane is often uncomfortable and awkward. It is also extremely difficult not to make a noise, as banging against the doors or walls of the toilet can often not be avoided.

The first trick is for both of you to get to the toilet without raising too much suspicion. Get up and move toward the toilet as inconspicuously as possible. Do not make any large movements like yawning or stretching, as this will only raise suspicion.

Your partner should wait at least three minutes before coming to find you. If your partner arrives at the cubicle, and there are no hostesses or other passengers around, he/she should give two knocks to signal for you to let them in. If there is someone snooping about, then he/she should give three knocks to signal the ‘no-go’.

Once inside the cubicle, remain as silent as possible. Sit on the toilet seat and let your partner mount you facing forward with her hands on the door. This will be the easiest way to achieve penetration.

To leave the cubicle, try and remain as quiet as possible and listen for anyone outside. There is no sure way to tell if there is someone waiting, so follow your intuition. If you think the coast is clear, open the door, and one of you return to your seat while the other waits in the cubicle for at least three minutes before returning.

If you get caught, the best you can do is blush your way back to your seats and tell whoever caught you that you thought it was a photo booth.

Risk: 9
Difficulty: 9
Pleasure Quotient: 5

2. On the BeachPros
Assuming it’s a perfect evening with very little wind and not too cold, not much can go wrong in this scenario. Having sex in nature is an invigorating experience, as it helps to release inhabitations. Consequently, make as much noise as you want.

This is also an opportunity to get in touch with your animal side. Don’t be afraid to get a bit rough. Grunt and growl to your hearts content – the only things you are likely to shock are the nesting seagulls.

Remember also, that it’s just you and her. It’s a great occasion to spend some quality time together. Take some food and a bottle of wine, and really get to know one another. You will be surprised how being alone in the open can bring a couple together.

There are only three things that could turn sex on the beach into a nightmare – sand, bugs and sunburn.

It has been a long known fact that sand can seriously hamper the sexual enjoyment of a couple on the beach. Not only can it lead to painful friction burns during penetration, but can also lead to infection of the vagina or foreskin due to the bacteria that is found in sand.

Also, don't forget to pack plenty of bug spray and sun tan lotion.

Preparation is of utmost importance when planning for an evening on the beach. Take a large, thick blanket, preferably made up of nylon like material. This will stop sand coming through the material as you roll around on top of it.

Sand is always going to be a problem, but there are some ways you can avoid it becoming too much of a hassle:
  • Take a lot of water. This way you can clean your feet over the sand while sitting on the blanket before placing them onto it

  • Try and secure the corners of the blanket with poles or heavy objects. This will keep the blanket spread out, and help prevent any further sand from finding its way in between your entangled bodies

  • If sand does get onto your extremities – use water to wash it away before a nasty rash sets in.

Risk: 7
Difficulty: 7
Pleasure Quotient: 7

1. In the SaunaPros
Not only will you both receive a wonderful session of exfoliation and steam cleansing, but your heightened senses will take those orgasms to the next level.

In a sauna, your body doesn’t quite get enough oxygen, which helps to intensify your senses. Your body temperature also soars, which gets the blood flowing rapidly in all the right bits.

You will both be wet and slippery. Use this to your advantage when trying different positions and techniques.

A consistent lack of oxygen is not good for the brain. Extended sessions in a sauna may be damaging to your body, because of this lack of oxygen, and because of the heightened body temperature.

If you don’t have a sauna at home, then the only option is to take your steamy exploits public. This means a visit to the local gym sauna, which could lead to you being discovered by a pimply towel-boy.

Gym saunas may not be the most hygienic places to be naked in. After all, it is the place where sweaty men end up after a long workout.

The most important thing is to have the sauna hot and ready for your arrival. Make sure to get the steam going well before entering the sauna for a session of passion. Entering a cold, damp sauna room will completely kill the mood.

If you don’t have a sauna at home, then your local gym is the only option. Saunas at gyms are generally very popular venues, so it might be difficult to secure a couple of hours for just you two.

Check if your gym’s sauna has lockable doors. Then slip that pimply towel-boy a 50, and tell him to lock you and your partner in for an hour.

If you are worried about hygiene, take more towels in with you, and lay them on the floor or on the benches to help prevent your skin coming into contact with any nasty surfaces.

Risk: 2
Difficulty: 2
Pleasure Quotient: 10

June 9, 2008

A Day at the Fair

First Date on the Midway

It had been a hot day, standing out in the open, under the blazing sun among all those people. Before then, we hadn't really been sure if we liked each other; you know, like like. We hadn't had a chance to be by ourselves since we met a few weeks ago. Always among friends, never more than a few sentences of conversation.

But this day we were alone. It was the first truly hot day of the year. She must have checked the weather report that morning, because she wore shorts that showed miles of smooth, slender legs, toned from the 3 miles she runs daily. Her shirt was light and looked like it wanted to cling tightly, lovingly to her upper body but was just a little bit too shy.

She was beautiful, even as her hair became frizzed and her face developed a light sheen of sweat over the course of the day. We found we complemented each other very well, and the attraction grew steadily as the sun arced across the cloudless sky. The inhibitions of her shirt must have burned away under the glare of the sun because it now clung to her skin with what I might have called jealousy, as though it could sense that I'd been wondering what she looked like without it all day.

Alone At Last

Around six or so, we decided to get some real dinner, instead of the fried fat on sticks they were selling at the fair. We held hands on the way out, and she gave me a long, slow, lazy kiss before we got into the car. I tried to restrain myself, but there's a very good chance she may have detected the reaction that sultry kiss had on me.

After dinner, she invited me to her apartment. I'd been there before, with other friends of course, but I was nervous this time. It was just going to be the two of us.

I was a little awkward for a while, and she noticed. I felt stupid about being awkward, but hopefully she thought it was cute. Maybe because of that, she didn't notice me stealing glances at her swollen nipples. Or, at least, she didn't mind.

We ended up on her couch, talking at first, but it didn't take long for her to lean in and brush her lips against mine. I had to hold myself back, had to practically sit on my hands so I didn't try grabbing her tits right away. There was magic, the kind whose sparkles you can only feel during a First Kiss.

The kiss deepened quickly, and I soon found her on my lap, straddling me. I took this to mean it was okay if I attended her breasts, so that's what I did. They were firm and soft at the same time, heavy in my hands. She pressed them into my hands, and I groaned against her tongue.

Things began to happen quickly, yet at the same time not fast enough. I wanted to feel her skin against mine, to hear her whimpers and moans, and yet I wanted to savor every moment.

Her shirt came off, then mine. While we resumed our frantically passionate kiss, she pressed her body against mine, giving me a taste of what was to come. Her skin was impossibly smooth, so much smoother than mine; it was like silk against wool.

My hands were all over her. I caressed the curve of her waist, squeezed the toned muscles of her tight little ass, and massaged her slender thighs.

When she broke the kiss again, it was to unclasp her bra. The breasts that came free were absolutely glorious. And I'm not saying that because I may have been momentarily biased by passion and lust. When she leaned forward, I grasped them, squeezed them, and took one of her swollen nipples into my mouth.

Passion and lust took over at that point, and I no longer had much control of the situation. The rest of our clothes came off and she was rolling a condom over the length of my cock. She climbed back up and carefully took me into her moist warmth. She was tight and so very smooth; it took a little effort to get me all the way inside her, but every inch of the way was pure bliss.

When she was comfortable, she began to ride me hard and fast, her breasts bouncing in my face with every thrust. I could see the hunger in her eyes, hear the lust and desire in every grunting scream as she impaled herself over and over and over again. She would be an insatiable lover. I could tell that after just a couple minutes of her riding me like an untamed stallion.

She came quickly and loudly, and I was right behind her. It was beautiful; like it was right out of a steamy romance novel where the lovers embrace while they both plunge into the infinite depths of their climax.

It was some of the best sex I've ever had, even though not more than twenty minutes had passed since she'd first kissed me. There was so much passion in those twenty minutes, though, that it felt like hours had passed.

We've seen each other a few more times since then, and each time has been equally as enjoyable. She is a remarkable girl that I find myself thinking about often.

Oh, and yes - she is insatiable.

Denise Milani

I think I'm in love. This woman is absolutely stunning. I mean, if you've got the same tastes I do, she's perfect.

Fuck, what I wouldn't give to have this woman as a pleasure slave. To have those breasts, that body, that mouth at my beck and call. Could you imagine coming home, and that smile greets you when you come in the door? It sure would help melt the stresses of the day if I could just unzip my pants and have her drop to her knees with a sparkle of loving subservience in her eyes and swallow my cock. After I shoot my come in her mouth and on her tits, we'd have a quick dinner then get back to the sex.

I'm fairly confident that I would have a permanent erection while I was in this woman's presence.

April 21, 2008

The Weekend

Man, it's been a long week. I've been putting in long hours at work, and haven't gotten nearly enough sleep.

I did manage to make it out to a bar Saturday night, though; first time I've been to a bar in a long, long time, actually. Drinking isn't really my thing, but every once in a while I like to get out of the house. Surprisingly, there weren't very many good looking girls at the one place we went. Some might have been cute, were it not for the drunken stupor. I have to say, though, that the girl going around with the Jell-O shots and Jaegerbombs had a nice rack. She was a little heavier than I tend to like but the view just above the tray was nice enough.

Anyway, I don't really have a story or anything here; I just wanted to type something up so I stay connected, you know?

So, here's a picture of what I did not see at the bar.

April 15, 2008

One Lump, Or Two? - Sugasm #127

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #128? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
My life as a Female
“His reply was instant: “You are a man”.”

“I found my eyes unable to leave the curves of her ass, everything else out of focus.”

Ripping yourself a new one
“What’s the most ludicrous porn scene you ever saw?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself (one from the vaults)
How to Choose an Affiliate Program

Editor’s Choice
Cream and Sugar

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April 14, 2008

If Life Were a Porn Movie

Sometimes life presents you with a scene straight out of a porno.

Not that I would ever have the balls to go through with something like that, but regardless....

Anyway, as I was leaving the building today to grab some lunch, there was a shapely blond girl standing in the lobby, talking on her cell phone. I didn't give her much more thought than "that's a tight little ass."

On my way to the car, I noticed a cab. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw the hot blond get into afore-mentioned cab. And that's as far as reality takes us on this little journey.

Now, if this had been a porno, I would have slammed on the brakes, jumped heroically out of my Buick Mercedes, and intercepted the damsel in distress before she could slide that delicious body into the stinking, stained backseat of the cab.

"Need a ride?" I'd say with a beaming smile and a suggestive wink, just as a gust of wind comes along to tousle my streaming locks.

"Why yes, I do," she would say, drawing her eyes down my body, stopping for a moment on the bulge that had formed in my jeans. I would let her into my car, then go around and get behind the wheel.

As soon as we were on the road, she'd ask something like, "How much do I owe you for the ride?"

"Don't worry about it," I'd say with a smirk.

"Please, let me do something," she'd reply with seduction dripping from her words, then reach over and unzip my jeans. I'd be already hard and thick as her slender fingers wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke.

She'd direct me to a parking structure, or maybe a secluded park. It wouldn't matter because once the car was in Park, she would smile and lean over to take my raging cock into her mouth. Bobbing up and down, stroking the shaft, using her saliva as lubrication, she would have me near orgasm within moments. With a grunt and a groan I would fill her mouth with my cum, and she would swallow every drop.

Giving me a moment to collect myself and prepare for the next round, she would shimmy out of her jeans and panties, then climb aboard for a ride. She'd guide me to her dripping pussy and I'd sink into her warm, wet sheath. She'd ride me hard and vicious, tearing her shirt off so I could watch her tits bounce with each stroke. She would writhe and moan on my shaft, until finally she would go into convulsions as the orgasm tore through her body.

Of course, that would just be the warm up. After we caught our breath, we'd be at it again, fucking, sucking, licking in the car, on the car, next to the car, under the car, you name it. My cock would always be hard, she would always be wet, and orgasms would be bountiful.

Yeah, if only life were a porno.

April 11, 2008

Secret Plot (vol 2)

Secret Plot is back to continue the sexy adventures!

Volume two continues with Miki, who has her hands full with two eager young men. The poor boys are inexperienced, so Miki takes it upon herself to show them how to please a woman.

The art in this volume is exceptional. None of these are censored, so you get to see penetration, licking, sucking... and even a tonsil-eye view of a blowjob.

April 10, 2008

Subtle Advertising

I first saw this ad on Reddit or Digg or somewhere a while ago. I just saw it again today, and I wanted to share it.

In short, this subtle ad is brilliant. It might take you a second or two to get it, but when you do, you'll know it.

It's an ad for Wonderbra, if that helps.

Rule 34 - Cinderella

Here we have Rule 34 applied to Disney's Cinderella.

Looks like Cinderella may have been robbed on her way to ball by a gang of highwaymen. After they found no valuables in the coach, they decided to take Cindy's booty.

Several times.

Poor Cindy. I guess this would disqualify her from the Prince's search for a bride among all eligible maidens in the kingdom.

Oh well. Maybe Cindy could run away from her step mother and earn a decent living working in one of the red light houses in the shadier district.


Author's Note: Go ahead and check out the artist's website (address is in the image.) It's a subscription site, but if you take the tour, there are a handful of very hot drawings.

Is there a polite way to ask a girl...

...if you can jack off on her tits?

I was at Target last night, and one of the girls working a checkout lane was wearing a most delicious v-neck top. I was in another lane (hmm, I wonder why her register was so busy) but I had a very nice view.

Her breasts weren't huge, but they were definitely handfuls, maybe more. When she stood straight, you couldn't see much cleavage, unless you were quite a bit taller than her. But when she bent over to put the customer's items in the bag.... From the next lane over, it was a mighty fine view indeed.

What I remember the most about them was that they seemed very soft. Her skin was smooth and pale, and almost seemed to glow in the fluorescent lights. The mounds of her breasts jiggled and shook ever so slightly when she moved, back and forth between swiping an item over the scanner and setting it carefully in the bag.

I stood there at my register, trying to not seem obvious that I was staring at the angel at the other checkout. The hag scanning my items was polite, and I responded to her with my own minimal politeness, but my attention was on the vision not thirty feet away. She was beautiful, and very much out of my league, but that didn't stop me from thinking about her this morning in the shower.

So, Is There?

I don't want to fuck her (well, yeah I do, but I mean to say that jacking off would be enough for me,) nor do I even want her to take off her shirt and bra. I want to preserve that glorious cleavage, after all. I don't want to date her... I don't even need to speak to her - she could be the stupidest, most ignorant and obnoxious person on the planet. She wouldn't even have to tell me her name or even say Hello.

If she could just kneel down right there, with those perfect, plump, pillowy mounds, it wouldn't take more than a minute or two. I could spill my load in ecstasy, drawing lines and dots on those magnificent breasts and be on my way. We could do it in the restroom so she could clean up right away; though her coworkers might wonder at the weird stains on her burgundy shirt.

No obligations, no exchanging of information. Just a quick display of how attractive I find her. That's all. She wouldn't even have to do anything. Hell, I'd even offer to clean my own jizz of her chest. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

April 8, 2008

Nice Hat

I've never had a thing for girls wearing hats, but that hat is hot. I would love to have those ties wrapped around my fist while I pushed my cock down her throat, fucking her face, pulling on that hat. Once I sprayed my cum all over her face, I'd let her stroke me back to life, then climb onto my glistening pole and bounce, bounce, bounce....

Man she's fucking hot.


April 7, 2008

Secret Plot (vol 1) - is back!

A couple weeks ago, I made a post about the erotic manga, Secret Plot. Well, it seems that Photobucket doesn't like the comic as much as I do, and took most of the images down.

Well, fear not!

Tsera, over at Under the Crimson Moon has graciously offered some storage space!

So, the first volume of Secret Plot can now be found HERE!

Thanks a ton, Tsera!!

April 3, 2008


This is a hilariously awesome spoof on Twitter: Clitter

Diving Back In

In my previous post, Though We've Never Met, I talked about ERP (erotic roleplay). That post stirred up enough memories that I did a bit of perusing the Interwebs, and found Darknest Fantasy Erotica.

According to their main page, [Darknest is a] community devoted to fantasy erotica including W0rld 0f W4rcr4ft [sic] and Final Fantasy 11.

I play World of Warcraft, so this appealed to me quite a bit. I looked over the site and found quite a lot of good stuff there. It's all user-generated. There are comics, fan-art, stories, and roleplaying. A lot of it. And of course, with any user-generated content, there are some pretty - I don't want to say bad, but they're definitely not professional - and there are some that are really good.

I went into the forums, created a username, and browsed some of the posts. There's one forum that serves as a dating service, where users can post want ads, basically. You can make a post saying what and who you're looking for, and (hopefully) others will answer your post.

I've met a few people through the Booty Bay Dating Service, and I've had some enjoyable roleplays, both in-game and through IMs.

I'd like to talk about cybersex and ERP, but it'll have to wait for another post.

April 2, 2008


I find this picture incredibly erotic. Not just because it's a picture of a beautiful, curvy woman having her corset unlaced by another beautiful woman, but because that other woman is looking into the camera while she's doing it.

It's that look in her eye, a look of invitation, perhaps? Or maybe it's a look of "Would you please get the hell out of here so I can make love to this woman?"

Whatever the meaning behind the look, it's damn sexy and makes the image fantastic instead of mediocre.

April 1, 2008

Price Check, Sugasm - 125

I'm the Editor's Choice!


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This Week’s Picks
Filling Myself
“We too want, need, conversations in which someone listens to us and considers our needs, not just their own.”

Sex Worker Solidarity: Amanda Brooks
“There’s a lot of love among activists, even those who disagree with one another.”

“These images that come from the artistic workings of your inner soul speak to me, as mine do to you.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself (one from the vaults)
10 Lies Pornographers Tell

Editor’s Choice
Though We’ve Never Met

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10 Sexiest Vegetarians

Maxim recently released their 10 Sexiest Vegetarians.

Go ahead and take a look.

While I definitely agree with their choices, I have to disagree with their selection or first place. I think any of the others on the list would have made a better Number 1, but I suppose the geek appeal she has carries a lot of weight. Were it my list, that geek appeal would have been enough to get her on the list, probably, but not enough to propel her to the top.

March 27, 2008

Rule 34

Rule #34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

In this case, Rule 34 is applied to World of Warcraft. And believe it or not, this example is pretty tame compared to what's out there.

March 26, 2008

Secret Plot (vol 1)

I love me some cartoon boobies. They're always so round and buoyant and big and always on display.

I came across this comic some time ago, and I have yet to find one that's as sexy, well drawn, and entertaining.

Secret Plot is an erotic manga comic that follows the sexual escapades of two high school teachers. Click the pic to check out the first volume, Junkie Teacher

UPDATE: Apparently, Photobucket doesn't like this comic as much as I do. So, I'm going to have to try finding a new home for these pics.

UPDATE 2: Tsera, over at Under the Crimson Moon has graciously donated some server storage! Thanks, Tsera!

March 25, 2008

First you get the Sugasm (124)

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #125? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
In Which Penny Enjoys Her Bath
“In the bathroom, I flipped on the heater and shed my clothes.”

Just passing through
“I twitched under her stare.”

Kegal exercises on wet Monday afternoon
“Do you know what it’s like, to be buggered?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
WP/PHP Guru?

Editor’s Choice
More Traveling…

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March 24, 2008

Though We've Never Met

Paths Cross

Several years ago, I started visiting a message board. It was an erotic roleplaying, or ERP, board. And yes, by "erotic" I mean cyb0rz. Each person would have one character (some had 2 or 3) that they RPed. The board had a theme, and the posters would start storylines in which different characters would participate.

I admit, not many of the threads had what you might call "plot", but what they lacked in actual storytelling, they made up for it with the sheer hotness of the sex.

Some people came and went, but there was kind of a core of posters, myself included. What was great about it was that I was the only male in this core of about 6 people. That means my character got a LOT of pussy.

After a while, a new participant with a new character showed up. We didn't hook up at first; I think we just kept missing each other. It doesn't matter. When our characters did finally meet up, there was a strong attraction right off the bat. They got along well. Which is to say their sex was very, very hot, and very long, and our characters liked to fuck each other whenever possible. She - let's call her Mya - quickly became my favorite poster.

Over the next few months, while our characters were fucking each other's brains out in every position and location imaginable, the board's politics started to make it unpleasant to visit.

Without getting into any of that drama, suffice it to say that Mya and I stopped visiting the site. I should also add that Mya and I had become friends outside of the virtual world our imaginations fornicated in. So, when the message board collapsed, we kept in contact via email.

We talked about our lives, and whatever else, but we also continued our roleplaying. We no longer used the characters we'd created for the message board, however. Instead, we would make up stories, and she would write from one of the person's point of view, and I would write from the other person's. We'd email these passages back and forth, adding to these stories, some with more than 50 emails.

Blurred Lines

I don't really know when or how it happened, but the veil separating imagination from reality began to dissolve. After sharing in imaginary sexual situations with Mya for so long, we became familiar with each other's real sexualities. She learned what kind of things got me really fired up, and I learned what got her moist. We talked about our past sexual escapades, and our mutual openness. I learned that she loves sex and likes to fuck as often as possible, she likes to give blowjobs and have her hair pulled while she's being fucked doggy style. She learned similar things about me.

As always, our emails drifted toward sex, even if they began with the most innocent of intentions. They were about what we wanted to do to each other; how I'd love to suck her tits, how she'd love to swallow my cock, how I would bend her over my desk and fuck her mercilessly, etc. However, the difference between these emails and all our other sexual interactions is that these fantasies and desires weren't being vicariously channeled through imagined characters. We were directly telling each other how bad we wanted to fuck, suck, lick, stroke, and everything else, even saying so much as "I wish you were here so I could..."

Over time, these emails became less frequent. Our lives got busier, and we just didn't have the time to write all this erotica back and forth. However, I still have a strong physical attraction to her, and I miss our correspondences greatly. She stirred up desires and passions in me I've never felt before, and I always knew she was open to raunchy vulgarity. Nothing was ever inappropriate. I could send her an email out of the blue saying that I had a huge erection, and she would reply with a list of ways she could relieve me of it.

I still go back occasionally and read some of our old email threads, in the hope of renewing some of the feelings they invoked.

One-Afternoon Stand

I don't know if she's ever given any serious thought to the things we say to each other in our emails, but I have.

I can't speak for her, but I feel that she and I have a connection. That connection includes friendship and platonic caring, but it also includes a desire for a face-to-face meeting, and the hopes that our emails aren't "Just Talk." I want to do the things we've talked about in our stories and emails. I want to lick her pussy. I want to titty-fuck her. I want her to suck my dick. I want her to ride me in the back seat of my car. I want her to jerk me off in a dark movie theater. I want to do so many things.

Unfortunately, we live several states away from each other. She used to live an hour or so from where I live now, though that was years before I moved here. We're also each in our own relationships.

I don't want to take her from her current S.O., nor do I want to leave mine for her. I don't want to ruin any families or lives. I just want her to see how much I've enjoyed our friendship over the last few years, and how much she's inspired me.

If she ever comes back to her old home town, I would love to meet her for lunch. If that's all she would want, that's fine. I'll respect her desires, and we could have a wonderful lunch, then go back to our lives.

If she shared even a fraction of the lust I feel, then I could take the afternoon off of work, and we could really get to know each other. Then, once sated, we would depart, and go back to our lives. Our afternoon would be just between the two of us; no one would ever know. Just a one-afternoon-stand, if you will.

Beautiful Dark Faerie

It's sights like these that make going to Renaissance Faire so enjoyable. Every once in a while, you'll see a beautiful girl dressed in period clothes, or in more fantastical clothes. And that usually means corsets/bodices. And that usually means acres of cleavage. While this lovely young lady is struggling for every centimeter of cleavage she can get, she's lucky to have an attractive overall package.

Unfortunately, these visions of beauty are usually few and far between. I suppose this scarcity has a similar ratio to the number of attractive females in the general geek culture as a whole.

Sexy Geek

Having a beautiful face and a sexy body is one thing, but when you add higher than average intelligence and a great sense of humor, you're in a much higher echelon than most everyone else.

March 21, 2008

Put your dick away, I'm on the phone!

This video has so many layers of awesome... Let's count:
1. Beautiful girl with massive tits
2. Those tits are getting fucked
3. Big cumshot, splattering her face and chest
4. Camera angle that allows you to vicariously imagine you're the one fucking those huge, beautiful breasts
5. Her boobs are out, and her s.o. is fucking them while she's talking on the goddamn phone!!


Why don't girls like that shop at the stores I shop at?

If the neck dipped a bit lower, say to the top of the letters, that would be a great titty-fucking shirt. Just have her slather some KY on my hard cock, pull the bottom of the shirt up so I can see the bottoms of her fat titties, then just slide my lubed pole between those smooth, firm globes and go to town. With that face watching, it certainly wouldn't be long before I was painting her chin with my semen.


It's pictures like these that make me wish I could draw. I would love to be able to draw erotic comics, to be able to show what's going on in my mind.

If I could draw, I could breathe life into these characters, bring them off the page and make things easier to visualize. I have so many fantasies and desires in my head that are kinda difficult to write as a short story, since often it's a brief feeling, or a glimpse of something... does that make sense? I don't know, I don't think I'm making sense any more.

March 20, 2008

Sexy Vendor

I went to the supermarket on my lunch break to pick up a few things. As I turned a corner, I caught sight of a vendor (you know, the people from various companies that send their own people to stock their merchandise) crouched down, putting some boxes of her product on the bottom shelf of the display. Before someone stepped between us to block my view, I had about a half-second to realize two things: she had a nice body, and I think that was part of a g-string peaking out above the waistband of her blue pants.

But before I could be totally sure, that person interrupted my line of sight, and by the time they moved on, the woman was standing again, so I didn't get a chance to investigate further.

That was such a nice deviation from the normal (male) vendors I see in grocery stores.

March 19, 2008

Afternoon Delights

On my way back from lunch today, I saw a sexy woman pushing a baby stroller down the sidewalk. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a size-too-small white hoodie, and her silky brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. I didn't get a look at her face, since she was walking the same direction I was driving, but I really doubt she was anything less than stunning.

There's something about young, sexy moms that really gets me going. MILFs have a certain sexiness about them... kind of like a "I don't get nearly enough sex" kinda vibe. Or maybe it's the mystique that someone like me automatically applies to them. A mystique about their hidden passions, their forbidden desires. Those urges that this wholesome, loving, caring mother might be afraid to show to even a limited public. It's like by dressing passively suggestive - in this case, the yoga pants and hoodie that deliciously show off her slender waist and tight little ass - they're saying, "just get us alone and I'll do things to you that would make a porn star blush!"

But maybe that's just me.

By the time I'd driven past her, I was already forming scenes in my mind. For example, perhaps when she got home she'd put her baby down for a nap and once the little tyke was asleep, there'd come a knock at the door. She'd open it and there would be an attractive man named Christian there; a man that wasn't her husband. She'd let him in, and once the door closed them from the prying eyes of her neighbors, their lips would lock and clothes would start to fly.

Doubts would creep into her mind; she shouldn't be doing this, she was a married woman, he was a married man... But her husband rarely made love to her anymore. She was at the height of her sexual prowess, and she needed to be satisfied. And she knew that Christian's wife couldn't suck cock like she did; he'd told her after the first time she'd swallowed his load.

So they both had needs that their spouses couldn't fulfill. So why shouldn't they help each other out? That's what good, kind-hearted people do, right?

But any thoughts of impropriety or infidelity always fled her mind the moment she freed his member. Christian was considerably bigger than her husband, and knew how to use his glorious tool to both their benefit.

Normally, she would drop to her knees and suck the thick, throbbing cock until the warm, slippery semen filled her mouth. But today, she had other needs burning deep in her belly.

"Fuck me," she would whisper into his ear as she stroked his shaft. "Fuck my hot, smooth, dripping pussy." She'd turn and lead him by the cock over to where her husband usually sat to watch TV. She'd lean forward, arching her back to give Christian the best possible view of her toned ass and freshly-shaven pussy.

With her face buried in the cushion of the chair to muffle her screams and moans, the man that is not her husband would drive his cock into her neglected pussy, pounding, slamming, ramming into her harder and faster until the one final scream would herald her crashing orgasm. Clenching and spasming around his piston, her climax would drive Christian to his own, and within seconds his warm seed would fill her.

They'd play a little more, maybe she'd suck his cock clean, maybe he'd lick her clean. Sometimes they would help each other get dressed. Then with a deep, passionate kiss and a final squeeze of her ample breasts, Christian would reach into his pocket and hand her the twice-folded bundle of six one-hundred dollar bills before slipping out the door.

She usually had an hour, after Christian left and before the baby woke up, to relax and get dinner started.

March 18, 2008

Casual Friday

I step out of my office and stop when I look up from the papers I was going to have Stephanie make copies of.

"What are you doing?" I ask, aware that my dick is beginning to harden. Wearing boxers, the thick ridge would be noticeable in seconds. But I don't care.

"You said Fridays are Casual Days." She kicks her red panties aside as she puts her feet on the floor and stands up.

"By 'casual' I meant jeans. Not this." I gesture to her current state of dress.

"I'm sorry," she says as she saunters over to stand in front of me. "Don't you like how I'm dressed?"

"It's not a matter of taste," I reply, my voice quavering as her breasts sway with each step. "It's not appropriate for the workplace."

"Maybe we should go in your office, then." She brushes past me with a smooth smile on her lips, but no before she squeezes the thick pole tenting the front of my pants. After a moment, I follow.


Last night I had a dream about a woman. I'd met her at a social gathering, and throughout the dream I had an underlying feeling that I was married or seeing someone already. As the dream went on, this woman and I started to become attracted to each other.

She was a vision of beauty. She had a Mediterranean or perhaps a Latino complexion, silky dark hair, and perfect curves; she may have looked like Monica Bellucci or Catherine Zeta-Jones or a not-quite-so-busty Denise Milani.

Our physical touching became more intimate, and before too long, we were kissing softly when we thought no one was looking. We could both tell that we wanted to make love to each other, but the circumstances wouldn't allow it. There was passion and desire between us, but we couldn't do anything about it.

It was imagining what would have happened that got me off this morning. It was the memory of the dream, the way my mind formed her beauty that made me hard. I was slowly, and tortuously removing her dress as I started stroking, growing harder in my hand as more and more of her sun-darkened skin was exposed. Her full, natural breasts were capped with dark, turgid nipples that jiggled as she lay herself down on the king-sized bed.

I was nearing my peak quickly as I imagined the cock in my hand being guided to the slippery, smooth folds of her pussy. In this fantasy of mine, it would take a little bit of force to enter her, but once I made it past that razor-thin division between resistance and acceptance, her warm channel would pull my thick shaft into her body with a moaning sigh.

Almost there, I imagined breasts bouncing serenely with my slow thrusts. Then as my hand stroked my cock faster and faster, so to did my thrusts into my dream-woman gain intensity and speed. Her tits flailed wildly as she screamed through her orgasm, my body driving into hers. Before long, I was coming, a long, draining release that my dream-took lovingly into her body.