September 10, 2008

On a Date

Yesterday, this cute boy asked me out. He had short mussie hair and if his ears had been pointed, I would have believed he was an elf. I told him I'd date him only if he promised to make out with me in dark corners and on park benches.

I rode my bike to to where I'd meet him under a willow tree by the creek. We chatted a bit, tossed stones into the water, then rode to a little cafe he knew and had dinner. I got to stare at his cute face the whole time and he stole glances at my boobs when he thought I wasn't watching. When we were leaving I asked him if he wanted to feel them. He said "Sure," and I told him that if he could beat me back to the willow tree, he could have a free trip to second base.

I beat him by half a block, but I let him kiss me anyway. His lips were strong and giving, his tongue shy. I kissed through his propriety and leaned into his hand when he cupped my breast. My nipple was hard against his palm. When I felt his erection against my hip, I pulled away and sat down next to the tree. We cuddled and it felt totally natural, like we'd known each other longer than just a few hours.

When it got dark, I rode home with a promise that he'd pick me up in his car tomorrow so we could stay out later. He was so cute. I think I'll fuck him tomorrow.

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