April 10, 2008

Is there a polite way to ask a girl...

...if you can jack off on her tits?

I was at Target last night, and one of the girls working a checkout lane was wearing a most delicious v-neck top. I was in another lane (hmm, I wonder why her register was so busy) but I had a very nice view.

Her breasts weren't huge, but they were definitely handfuls, maybe more. When she stood straight, you couldn't see much cleavage, unless you were quite a bit taller than her. But when she bent over to put the customer's items in the bag.... From the next lane over, it was a mighty fine view indeed.

What I remember the most about them was that they seemed very soft. Her skin was smooth and pale, and almost seemed to glow in the fluorescent lights. The mounds of her breasts jiggled and shook ever so slightly when she moved, back and forth between swiping an item over the scanner and setting it carefully in the bag.

I stood there at my register, trying to not seem obvious that I was staring at the angel at the other checkout. The hag scanning my items was polite, and I responded to her with my own minimal politeness, but my attention was on the vision not thirty feet away. She was beautiful, and very much out of my league, but that didn't stop me from thinking about her this morning in the shower.

So, Is There?

I don't want to fuck her (well, yeah I do, but I mean to say that jacking off would be enough for me,) nor do I even want her to take off her shirt and bra. I want to preserve that glorious cleavage, after all. I don't want to date her... I don't even need to speak to her - she could be the stupidest, most ignorant and obnoxious person on the planet. She wouldn't even have to tell me her name or even say Hello.

If she could just kneel down right there, with those perfect, plump, pillowy mounds, it wouldn't take more than a minute or two. I could spill my load in ecstasy, drawing lines and dots on those magnificent breasts and be on my way. We could do it in the restroom so she could clean up right away; though her coworkers might wonder at the weird stains on her burgundy shirt.

No obligations, no exchanging of information. Just a quick display of how attractive I find her. That's all. She wouldn't even have to do anything. Hell, I'd even offer to clean my own jizz of her chest. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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