July 14, 2008

Special Service

She was young, probably working her summer break at the local pizza joint. She had a nice little ass, but no breasts to speak of; at least none that were evidenced by the standard-issue polo shirt with the restaurant's logo on it.

I wasn't concerned with that, however.

She had one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen. She had strong but feminine features; dark, vibrant eyes, a chiseled nose and jaw, perfect olive skin, and the most sensuous full lips.

Her smile was still free of cynicism and bitterness, and her eyes truly shone like a star. Those lips, natural and oh so smooth, looked like they were in a constant state of anticipation of a kiss she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl.

Her lips made me want to lick them, bite them, and kiss them. I wanted to feel them against my own, then slowly trail down my body and along the length of my shaft, finally to where she would cradle the smooth head of my cock against them, kissing it softly, hopefully.

Those sweet, playful eyes would look up at me, asking permission. I'd nod, and those thick lips would part so slowly to let her tongue slip out and apply moisture to them before they'd stretch around my painfully hard erection. Her soul-wrenching eyes would flutter closed as the taste and weight of my member settled on her tongue. She'd ease her head back and forth, gently caressing my shaft with a free hand. She'd open her eyes and meet my gaze, silently asking me if I was enjoying it, if she was doing it right. I'd smile and nod, gently running my fingers through her dark, silky hair.

After hours of long, slow fellatio, I would let myself climax. My seed would spill into her mouth in a rush, belying the easy, casual pace of her oral lovemaking. She would savor every drop, letting the taste of my masculinity fill her. Smiling and giggling, she's lick the last drops of moisture from my dick before straightening her uniform and walking back to work with a roll of her hips that was just for me.

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