June 9, 2008

A Day at the Fair

First Date on the Midway

It had been a hot day, standing out in the open, under the blazing sun among all those people. Before then, we hadn't really been sure if we liked each other; you know, like like. We hadn't had a chance to be by ourselves since we met a few weeks ago. Always among friends, never more than a few sentences of conversation.

But this day we were alone. It was the first truly hot day of the year. She must have checked the weather report that morning, because she wore shorts that showed miles of smooth, slender legs, toned from the 3 miles she runs daily. Her shirt was light and looked like it wanted to cling tightly, lovingly to her upper body but was just a little bit too shy.

She was beautiful, even as her hair became frizzed and her face developed a light sheen of sweat over the course of the day. We found we complemented each other very well, and the attraction grew steadily as the sun arced across the cloudless sky. The inhibitions of her shirt must have burned away under the glare of the sun because it now clung to her skin with what I might have called jealousy, as though it could sense that I'd been wondering what she looked like without it all day.

Alone At Last

Around six or so, we decided to get some real dinner, instead of the fried fat on sticks they were selling at the fair. We held hands on the way out, and she gave me a long, slow, lazy kiss before we got into the car. I tried to restrain myself, but there's a very good chance she may have detected the reaction that sultry kiss had on me.

After dinner, she invited me to her apartment. I'd been there before, with other friends of course, but I was nervous this time. It was just going to be the two of us.

I was a little awkward for a while, and she noticed. I felt stupid about being awkward, but hopefully she thought it was cute. Maybe because of that, she didn't notice me stealing glances at her swollen nipples. Or, at least, she didn't mind.

We ended up on her couch, talking at first, but it didn't take long for her to lean in and brush her lips against mine. I had to hold myself back, had to practically sit on my hands so I didn't try grabbing her tits right away. There was magic, the kind whose sparkles you can only feel during a First Kiss.

The kiss deepened quickly, and I soon found her on my lap, straddling me. I took this to mean it was okay if I attended her breasts, so that's what I did. They were firm and soft at the same time, heavy in my hands. She pressed them into my hands, and I groaned against her tongue.

Things began to happen quickly, yet at the same time not fast enough. I wanted to feel her skin against mine, to hear her whimpers and moans, and yet I wanted to savor every moment.

Her shirt came off, then mine. While we resumed our frantically passionate kiss, she pressed her body against mine, giving me a taste of what was to come. Her skin was impossibly smooth, so much smoother than mine; it was like silk against wool.

My hands were all over her. I caressed the curve of her waist, squeezed the toned muscles of her tight little ass, and massaged her slender thighs.

When she broke the kiss again, it was to unclasp her bra. The breasts that came free were absolutely glorious. And I'm not saying that because I may have been momentarily biased by passion and lust. When she leaned forward, I grasped them, squeezed them, and took one of her swollen nipples into my mouth.

Passion and lust took over at that point, and I no longer had much control of the situation. The rest of our clothes came off and she was rolling a condom over the length of my cock. She climbed back up and carefully took me into her moist warmth. She was tight and so very smooth; it took a little effort to get me all the way inside her, but every inch of the way was pure bliss.

When she was comfortable, she began to ride me hard and fast, her breasts bouncing in my face with every thrust. I could see the hunger in her eyes, hear the lust and desire in every grunting scream as she impaled herself over and over and over again. She would be an insatiable lover. I could tell that after just a couple minutes of her riding me like an untamed stallion.

She came quickly and loudly, and I was right behind her. It was beautiful; like it was right out of a steamy romance novel where the lovers embrace while they both plunge into the infinite depths of their climax.

It was some of the best sex I've ever had, even though not more than twenty minutes had passed since she'd first kissed me. There was so much passion in those twenty minutes, though, that it felt like hours had passed.

We've seen each other a few more times since then, and each time has been equally as enjoyable. She is a remarkable girl that I find myself thinking about often.

Oh, and yes - she is insatiable.

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